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SP 960
Hercules 100
Hercules 200

1 (one) meter polishing machine, 1 meter buffers



These buffing machines are often referred to as  one-meter diameter buffers, but the actual size is only 960 mm, not 1000 mm. 

SP 960

An  excellent Manual buffing machine with a 1 meter diameter cotton wheel (one meter buff).  Well suited to either liquid or solid buffing compounds.  7.5 HP, 400 to 800 rpm, indirect drive with inverter.

large one meter diameter buffer buffing machineHercules 100
Single wheel 1 meter buff buffing and polishing machine, 300 to 1400 rpm with a 960 mm diameter wheel (one-meter nom.), single spindle
dual spindle buffing machine with one meter wheelsHercules 200
Double spindle buffer / polisher with two 960 mm (1 meter nom.) diameter wheels and two motors, 300 to 1400 rpm.



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