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Automatic buffing and polishing machines



Shown below are some of the various configurations of automatic buffing and polishing machines.  These examples can be configured to meet with your specific requirements, using the standard components shown.

Robotic cell grinding and polishing

A robotic cell for polishing and grinding.  Robotic cells can be configured in many variations of processes.

Rotary table Buffing and polishing machines

Model TR, available in multiple head configurations.  Table index and part rotation speed is adjustable.  Automatic clamping or manual clamping of the part to be polished.  Rotary table polishing machines can also be used for grinding, brushing, and deburring of faucets, door hardware, and polishing brass hardware.

Reciprocating Head  Polishing Machine:

Polishing machine with one or two polishing heads  reciprocate over the  table on which the parts are fixtured to be polished.



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