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Abrasive Belt Grinders and Disc Grinders



Single Motor Pedestal Belt Grinders:
Pedestal abrasive belt grinder that has one motor, but can have either one or two grinding contact wheels.  Usually designed for use by one operator.
Double Motor Pedestal Belt Grinders:
Pedestal grinders that have two motors and two grinding wheels or belt stretchers.  Designed for heavier grinding with two operators.  Abrasive belts eliminate the dangers of fragmented grinding wheels.
Swing Belt Grinder:
Abrasive belt grinders that can swing for height adjustment of the grinding wheel for operator ease.  Also used for integration into robotic cell polishing and robotic grinding operations.
Vertical Free-Belt Grinders:
Table top grinder units, bench mounted grinders, and floor mounted free belt grinders.  These machines are used for sanding and grinding the inside of components, or edge finishing / deburring of shaped or intricate parts.
Disc and Flat Belt Grinders / linishers:
Disc grinders, disc with flat belt grinders, single flat belt grinders, double flat belt grinders, both fixed bed and adjustable between horizontal and vertical.



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