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Flat Belt Abrasive Grinders and Sanders



LN1-P Horizontal Belt Sander
Horizontal Flat abrasive belt grinder and sander.  3 or 4 hp motors, 3 phase.  Six inch wide abrasive belt, 18 meters per second.

Model TRIS grinding machine:
A multi purpose Grinding machine that allows THREE DIFFERENT EXECUTIONS on parts made of stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass and other metals. Bar and tube grinding, flat metal grinding, and curved metal grinding on one machine!

Model GO flat belt sander / grinder:
A flat product Grinding and sanding machine with oscillating belt, adjustable between both horizontal and vertical positions.

Altair P/PN Vertical and Horizontal Grinder

From 3 to 7 HP, 3 phase motors.  8 or 12 inches wide abrasive belt.  Adjustable position.  Low voltage control panel.  Up to 30 meters per second belt speed.

Altair P Horizontal Flat belt Grinder

From 3 to 7 HP,3 phase motors. 8 or 12 inches wide belt.  Low-voltage control panel.  Up to 30 meters per second belt speed.
Aretusa B.R. Dual belt sander / grinder

Dual head abrasive belt grinder with two abrasive belts.  Vertical or Horizontal position.  Can also be combined with an abrasive disc or a belt stretcher.


HYDRA WET vertical belt sander

A vertical belt sander for wet grinding and wet sanding with a wet vertical abrasive sanding belt.  Built in pump and tank for coolant.



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