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Flat Grinding

Through Feed buffing and polishing machines



Grinding machine for flat parts:

An in-line grinding machine for grinding of flat surfaces.  Multiple heads allow for progressive finishing.  Part return automation can be added to return the product to the same end from which it was loaded.

GPS 3 Wide Flat Belt Grinder/ Sander

The GPS 3 - A Grinding machine for finishing operations on tubes or bars with square and rectangular section or flat metal sheets and flat plates made of stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass and other metals.

Centerless Grinder / Centerless Polisher

Centerless Grinding and Centerless Polishing of straight tubes or bars.   The features of polishing and grinding are combines on one centerless machine and can be used as a centerless polisher or a centerless grinder.

dry abrasive belt grinderDuo Flat Belt Drum Sander

For centerless graining / satin finishing of tube and pipe, AND graining / satin finishing of flat metals on the same machine.

STO Tube Polishing / Grinding System:

Available with belt grinding and mirror polishing units, floating type with independent set up and adjustable and controlled pressure, to achieve a perfect grade of surface finishing even on non- straight and round product.  



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