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Shotblasting / shot blasting machines with overhead conveyor / monorail for a continuous shotblasting process. Parts for shotblasting are hung on moving trolleys with hooks and rotate during the shotblasting process.


Different kinds of conveyors are available:

  • Step by step
  • continuous motion
  • Power and Free type
  • running hoists


These are installations for shotblasting pieces hung in clusters, but with very high production rates. The movement of the hooks through the blasting machine takes place via a motorized overhead transporter, which can advance at intervals (pneumatic doors) or continuously (rubber containment curtains). An internal safety door sees to the closing of the shot wheel turbine compartments while the clusters are in motion (with doors open the turbines are rotating but the shot flow is stopped).  NOTE: According to the client's specific needs, shotblasting machines can be equipped with:
INVERTER to vary turbine projection speeds (e.g., aluminum die-casting)
Shot SEPARATION, with vibrating screen and magnetic drums, for sand-blasting.
Refilling HOPPER with level-sensitive probes to automatically readjust the quantity of shot in the circuit.





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