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GPS 3 wet grinding machine

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Wide sanding belt Grinding machine for finishing operations on tubes or bars with square and rectangular section or metal sheets and plates made of stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass and other metals.

Particularly suitable for DEBURRING on laser cut or sheared sheets.  This unit works with "WET" system and uses a RECIRCULATION circuit for the cooling mixture that is sprayed on the metal work piece under process.  For some requirements the machine can work also with "DRY" system.

Main features of this machine are:

  • TWO CUTTING SPEEDS of the sanding belt (optional)
  • FEED system with adjustable speed
  • PNEUMATIC tensioning system for sanding belt
  • ROLLERS on the front and rear side of the machine, to lay the work piece
  • FILTERING system for cooling mixture, to capture all process residuals in compliance with CE
  • Electro-pump for daily cleaning and maintenance of the machine
  • WASHING system for cooling mixture, to capture all process residuals in compliance with CE rules
  • AIR BLOWERS on the rear side of the machine to eject dry and clean finished parts (optional)
  • DUST COLLECTION for connection to the collection plant if working with "DRY" system (optional).


TECHNICAL FEATURES  of the GPS 3 wide belt sanding machine:

Working width 10 to 300 mm. / .39 inches to 11.81 inches
Working height 1 to150 mm. / .039 inches to 5.90 inches
Working length minimum 140mm / 5.51 inches
Sanding belt cutting speed 8 to15 mt. per sec. / 26.24 to 49.21 ft. per sec.
Feeding speed 1 to10 mt. per min. / 3.28 to 32.80 ft. per min.


Washing Wand


Optional Blower

Pneumatic Tensioner

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