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Full length Pipe polishing machine:


LATERAL Pipe Polishing Machine


This tube polishing machine is the most advanced in cosmetic polishing and finishing, with high production capacity, is polishing up to 10 tubes at the same time for a maximum of 60 meters per polishing cycle.

The special characteristics of this polishing system allow a special surface finishing, called super mirror or super-finishing, that is particular shining without scratches and presents also a very low surface roughness.


This polishing machine is the perfect solution in case of extremely high exigencies in term of finishing for high level furniture, in preparation to chrome plating for bath components , or for ship-board decorative tubing and railings, and so on.

This tube polishing machine can be equipped with one or more polishing units and can be sized to customer pipe or tube diameter and length.


All the working parameters such as number of polishing passes, polishing pressure, and polishing speed are automated and programmable by operator panel.

It is the only tube and pipe polishing machine able to work on round and squares tube and pipe, or shaped profiles, with programmable indexing and rotation of the pieces during the polishing and finishing process.





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