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LPC 400 tube polishing and tube grinding machines


LPC 400 tube polishing and
tube grinding machine

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The Garboli LPC 400 tube polishing and tube grinding machines:

A tube polishing machine and tube grinding machine for dry grinding and polishing of tube, bar and pipe.  Bent and curved tube and pipe can be polished, as well as straight pipe, tube, and bar.  Changing the belt, you can grind or polish tube on the same machine. 

This Planetary belt tube and bar polishing and grinding machine rotates the belts around the pipe being polished - the part does not rotate during polishing.  For dry tube polishing applications only.

  • Each grinding belt makes two movements:
    • A rotation movement on the pulling rollers
    • A revolution movement around the axis of the
      part to be worked


Download the Garboli tube polishing machine PDF file

This PDF file contain the full product line of planetary tube polishing and tube grinding machines


Tube polishing machine Technical Features

Tube or bar Minimum Diameter 10 mm. / .39 inches
Tube or bar Maximum Diameter 120 mm. / 4.72 inches
Tube or bar Minimum Bending Radius 200 mm. / 7.87 inches



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