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Large Buffers
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 Manual Pedestal Polishers and Buffers:



Large Buffers

Three different pedestal buffing & polishing machines that use large diameter one-meter buffing wheels.  One buffing unit is for two ( 2 ) polishing wheels and with two ( 2 ) motors.  This is a very user friendly polishing lathe.

Single Wheel Pedestal Buffing Lathes

Pedestal buffer / pedestal polisher machines with one motor and one polishing mop wheel.  Single speed, double speed and variable speed pedestal buffers.

Double Wheel Pedestal Buffers

Pedestal buffing machines and polishing lathes with two ( 2 ) polishing mop wheels.  Single speed, double speed and variable speed buffing machines.  Single motor with two shafts and dual motors with two shafts.

LN1 S-C Tool Post Buffing Head

5.5 hp polishing head for mounting on lathe tool post.


Polishing Motors buffing jacksPolishing Motors and Buffing Jacks

Polishing motors & buffing jacks; bench top mounted buffing jacks and polishing motors - some models also available as pedestal polishers.




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