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Reciprocating head polishing machine


Reciprocating mop polisher for flats:

Reciprocating polishing head polishing system for flat products.  Updated with automation of the latest generation, with fully programmable program memory, brush oscillation, and mop-wear compensation and monitors all polishing parameters.





Available in different sizes tailor made to customer specific requests, this polishing machine can be realized with one or two polishing heads and various options and ancillary equipment, such as special loading system, vacuum holding devices, dust collectors and so on.

The polishing machine at left is with two working heads for polishing, and two work tables.  An operator can be loading and unloading the parts to polish while the polishing process is being made on the opposing work table. 

This polishing machine makes both cut and color passes over each work table.



Flat polishing machine with two polishing stations:  Each table affects a single cut or color polishing process.  The operator will move the pieces between the work tables as required. Optionally, both polishing heads can be making the same finish.






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