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Robotic Cell Polishing and Grinding

This robotic cell polishes automatically, taking and placing the parts from the automatic loading system.  A robotic cell can be used to process many different shapes of products, and can be as inclusive a polishing cell as you require.  Grinding and polishing applications can be combined in a single cell.

Key Benefits

  • Autonomous Operation

  • Automatic pallet loading / unloading

  • Process uniformity

  • Enclosures available

A Robotic cell polishing is  a very versatile polishing cell, thanks to the use of an anthropomorphic robots with six axis of motion.  Constructed as a polishing island with autonomous units for polishing, buffing, and grinding within a safety surrounding, it is possible to obtain a high degree of repeatable  quality and precision.

The polishing and grinding is performed on brushes, abrasive belts, or polishing mops by a robot that takes the pieces to be polished from the appropriate loader and carries out the working cycle on the polishing stations.

The polishing groups are designed according to many parameters and characteristics, but also the model and the amount of installed robots changes depending on the working requirements for polishing, buffing and grinding.

Faucet Grinding with Robot

Robotic Polishing Cell for Faucets

Robotic Polishing Cell with Carousel loader

Robot Polishing Cell with vision system





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