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 Shot Blasting Machines and Equipment:



Tumbling shotblasting machine with rubber or steel belt:

Rubber belt or steel belt tumbling shotblasting machine: Wheel type shot blasting machines with centrifugal projection of shot having a very high efficiency. Suitable for shotblasting of castings and medium size pieces in cast-iron, steel, aluminum, bronze, etc. Foundation not required.

Cabinet Shotblasting machine with spinning hook:

Hanging Hook type shot blasting machine for hanging parts to be shot blasted, with rotating hooks. Available equipment: automatic doors, inlet / outlet automatic conveying system. Optional: variable speed wheels - Self propelled trolleys, computerized control with program memory.

Shotblasting machine with Hoist:

Hook and trolley type shot blasting machines for applications of up to 1000 kg part weight.  Rotating hooks on hoist for even shotblasting process.


Shotblasting machine for wire and bar:

Shotblasting machine for wire and bar. Choice of 2, 3, 4 or 6 turbine wheels. Engineered for continuous shot blasting applications. Single or multiple bar shotblasting machines.

Wire mesh Belt shotblasting machine:

Shotblasting machine with horizontal wire mesh belt. Parts for shotblasting are placed on the moving belt and shot blasted from top and bottom.  Also suited for shot blasting of paving bricks and stone.

Shotblasting machine with overhead conveyor:

Continuous shotblasting machine with trolley / conveyor system running in a continuous loop. Various types of conveyors are available: · Step by step or continuously motioned; both “Power and Free” or with hoists.

Horizontal roller shotblasting machine:

A Shotblasting machine for shot blasting steel plate and structural steel.

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