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Model TRIS multi-use grinding & sanding machine

Garboli model TRIS grinding machine

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INNOVATIVE patented grinding machine that allows THREE DIFFERENT EXECUTIONS on parts made of stainless steel, iron, aluminum, brass and other metals.  You can grind tubes, grind bard, grind flat steels, and deburr on one machine!

  • Grinding straight parts with round section
  • Grinding straight and bent flat surfaces
  • Deburring and chamfering on any shaped part



  • Pipes diameter:                            10/80 mm
  • Pipes length:                             20/6000 mm
  • Flat surfaces max width:                   80 mm
  • Flat surfaces max height:                  80 mm

Download the Garboli TRIS brochure

Outside diameter polishing and grinding
 of pipes, tubes and bars

Grinding operations on curved
flat product (with options)

Grinding operations an straight
flat surfaces (with options)

Deburring and Chamfering



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