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PD 132

Stone Wheel Grinders and Pedestal Grinders



SMD Pedestal Grinder
Dual Wheel - dual motor pedestal grinder.  164 surface feet per second with 4 hp, 3 phase motors.

Model SM Pedestal Grinder
Dual wheel pedestal grinder with one motor.  From 6 inch to 15 inch diameter grinding wheels.  1 hp to 4 hp, 3 phase motors.  From 78 to 101 surface feet per second.
DYB1 High Speed Grinder
A high speed bench top grinder with a Collet fixture for grinding with carbide burs and abrasive points.  Spindle speed up to 30000 rpm.
PD 132 Pendant / Pendulum Grinder
PD 132 Series Swing Frame Grinding Machine
and Pendulum Polishing Machine.



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